Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I've got a secret: Part 2

So let’s start from the beginning.
I like to describe my childhood as all rainbows and lollipops. I was blessed with two amazing parents who loved me and supported me in all that I did.
My dad worked nights, so I and my two sisters had our mom all to ourselves most evenings. I’m
going to age myself here and say that some of my earliest memories are of my mom “raking” the green shag carpet in our living room. We weren’t allowed to walk on it until she was all finished. But once done we were free to make trails all through her hard work. After we wore ourselves out it was story time! Oh, how I loved story time! We would snuggle on the floor with my mom while she read our favorite books over and over again.
I didn’t know at the time that my mom struggled to read. I didn’t know that she had attended “special” classes through most of her elementary years. All I knew as a child was that she loved to read and I loved to listen! Eventually, we graduated to chapter books and we would take turns reading with her. I excelled in school and attribute much of my success to those early years and our story times.
My dad worked two jobs to support us, one of which was building houses. He built every house I lived in as a child. I’m sure he wished many times that one of us girls could have been a boy, but he never made me feel that I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do. Many times I would go with my dad to his building projects and work alongside him hammering boards and yes, even putting shingles on a roof!  I loved spending time with my dad. And looking back I realize much of my strength of character comes from the times I spent working with my dad.
Fast forward a few short years and I am the typical rebellious teen. Being the oldest child my parents were not quite prepared for the strong-willed teenager I had become.  Let me stress here that my parents were far from being bad parents, I simply made bad choices. I own that fact.  But if you ask my parents they will still to this day blame themselves for my choices.

And so…..deep breath here… the very young age of fourteen I found myself pregnant. My boyfriend Mike was 17. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

I've got a secret!

It finally happened! The one thing I had been dreading for most of my life. That one moment you know is coming and you never quite figure out how you will face it. THAT moment happened to me late in 2017. 
It came in the form of an email. It came from one of my favorite program directors. I always loved seeing an email in my inbox from her. But the subject of the email filled me with dread. 
Would I join her for a meeting next month? The attendees would include 12 program coordinators and educators from across the state of Missouri. They love your books and would love to hear your story.
My story?! The story of how I started this business? Or the story of me? 
Both she said.
And there you have the reason for my dread.
I can tell you in 5 minutes or less how I started this business. And I'm not overly afraid to speak in front of a crowd. But to tell my life story would require me to tell a secret I have kept for 35+ years!
Oh, my family knows my secret. And my closest friends know. But most assuredly my customers do not know my secret!
Let me think about it, I told her.
This secret has ruled my life since I was 14. This secret has shaped who I am and who my children are. This secret was not something one just told in passing. And now I am being asked to speak it out loud.
It was my husband who finally convinced me that now was the time. That this meeting would be the perfect place to air my secret. And that once told I would finally be free to tell it again.
So I took a deep breath, typed my acceptance to the invitation and hit send.
I went on to tell that group my secret. And it was one of the hardest things I have ever done! But my husband was right, now that the secret is out, it is much easier to tell again.
Which brings me to today, with a nudge from one of my employees, I submitted a proposal to present at a conference in March. My proposal was accepted, and I have a little over a month to get my thoughts in order and prepare to tell my secret to a whole new group of 150 or so early educators in the state of Kansas.
If you care to join me, I will take the next few weeks to tell you my secret.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Paula's Pick of the Week (October 15, 2018)

Touch & Tickle: Baby Gym (Board Book)

Winner of Best Book Award and SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Product) Award

Devoting time to special activities with your baby plays a crucial part in the bonding process.  

Touch helps to promote feelings of security and confidence. 

Massage has been shown to encourage relaxation, enhance sleep, improve circulation and digestion, and aid pain relief.  It also allows time to explore new feelings and share new experiences.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Paula's Pick of the Week (October 8, 2018)


Part of our Award Winning Nursery Rhyme Series

 Singing songs and rhymes is the perfect way to bond with your baby and share quality time. It also aids language development by introducing them to the natural sounds and patterns of speech. 

Combining these with actions also stimulates the brain and helps muscle development. Dual Language English/Spanish to aid bilingual learners.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October is Fire Safety Month

October is Fire Safety Month

Parents and educators play a vital roll in teaching children fire safety and reducing the risk of child-set fires.
Download a FREE printable activity book for children ages 5-9 with valuable learning tools about fire safety and prevention!

For more FREE Activities be sure to visit our website.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Paula's Pick of the Week (October 1, 2018)

Baby Talk/Hablando con Bebe'

One look at the cover of this book and you will be hooked! With real pictures and high contrast black and white photos, this book will capture baby's attention time and again!

Available in Bilingual and English Only